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JCFM Grateful for Community Support

By Tamas Mondovics

During the summer market season, 27 different vendors sold their products at the Johnson County Farmers Market.That by providing locals with a place to sell their goods, the farmers market strengthens the local economy by keeping money within the community, there is little doubt.

According to JCFM Manager Jennifer Skarsaune, significantly more money re-circulates through the community when purchases are made from local farms and businesses, as those farms and businesses are more likely to turn around and spend their money at other local businesses.

“Spending money with local farms and businesses helps keep the local community alive,” she said. “The places where we eat, shop, and have fun all have the potential to make a community feel like home.”

Skarsaune emphasized that the Farmers Market also worked with other non-profits throughout the season, hosting the Women of Mountain City, the Doggy-Do fundraiser, and offering SNAP Match to EBT customers.

Of course, JCFM itself is a non-profit. Without the local government’s support, local businesses, and loyal customers, it could not continue to operate and fulfill its mission to strengthen local, sustainable agriculture and the local economy by promoting fresh local food availability.

“We would like to thank the town of Mountain City for the continued use of Ralph Stout Park to host the farmers market each weekend during the summer season,” Skarsaune said. “The market is thankful for the continued support of local businesses who gave donations even during the challenging times of a pandemic and the local media, both The Tomahawk and WMCT Radio, for promoting the farmers market every week.”

Through donations and shopping at the market, customer support is much appreciated along with “the hard work of vendors who bring fresh produce, crafts, and products to the market each weekend.”

The summer market season will conclude at the end of October. Until then, see what the Johnson County Farmers Market offers every Saturday at Ralph Stout Park, from 9 a.m.-Noon. The winter market will start the first weekend in November at Neva Schoolhouse Commons.