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JCB donates $2,500 to help Johnson County Cancer Support Group

Johnson County Bank employees present a check donation of $2,500 to Johnson County Cancer Support Group founder Flo Bellamy. Photo courtesy of Johnson County Bank

By Tamas Mondovics


In a continued effort to show continued support of and commitment to the community members of the Johnson County Bank board and employees were pleased to donate $2,500 Johnson County Cancer Support Group, (JCCG).
According to Temple Reece with Johnson County Bank each year JCB chooses a need that the company decides to want to.
“This year we chose the Johnson County Cancer Support Group formed by Flo Bellamy,” Reece said. “It is such an important program and helps so many people. We will continue doing some things to help the Cancer Support Group throughout 2018.”
Reece emphasized that JCB also has a fall event planned, but that the support for local organizations is substantial.
“All of our employees help with projects, and feel very strongly about the impact this has on our community,” she said. “So many people have cancer, and when they go to the Cancer Support group, all they need is a confirmed diagnosis by their doctor and Flo begins helping them. They help with basic daily needs, gas money for treatments and so many other things.
While Reece was unable to say for sure how much money has been donated in support of the community, she was confident of a significant amount.
Some other ways to help the group includes pillows made by employees that are made to go under seat belts for cancer patients.
“We also continue to help with wigs for cancer patients and much more,” Reece said. “Many of our employees donate on a regular basis to the Cancer Support Group.
Reece added that she has assisted with organizing the Copperhead Road Runs for the past three years.
“Chris and Bonnie Reece, our CEO and Vice President came to these runs and participated and raised around $3,000 for all these runs combined,” she said. “JCB organized art projects as well as held silent auctions for the Group.
JCB estimates that amount of monies raised so far by the Bank in support of the Cancer Support Group is roughly around $10,000.
In appreciation for the support, Bellamy said, “All the support and generosity is a blessing. Every cent of it goes to local cancer patients. It is much appreciated and is indeed a community effort.
Anyone needing more information about breast cancer can find valuable resources at,, as well as For local community members looking for guidance and support, the Johnson County Cancer Support Group can be reached by calling Flo Bellamy 423-727-2942 or 423-727-9558.