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January 2017 in review

Johnson County’s chances for a technical school became slimmer recently when the Tennessee Higher Education Commission denied a grant request to open a Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) campus in the county. Although county officials and TCA administration had worked together to make plans for a satellite office, funding was not approved and any plans will have to be on hold until funds from other avenues can be found.
The Johnson County Circuit Court will soon begin collection efforts in order to recover some of the outstanding monies from court fines that are due to the court. “There’s never been a collection effort that I’m aware of, “ said Johnson County Circuit Court Clerk, Melissa Hollaway.
The Johnson County Courthouse Security Committee is in the process of making changes to the courthouse that will increase security measures. Tennessee law states each county will for a security committee to determine the security needs of the courtrooms in order to provide a safe and secure facility.
No game-winning shot or slam-dunk could have ever captured the applause that a Johnson County High School student did on homecoming night inside of Ray Shoun Gymnasium on Tuesday.
Melinda Rozier won the hearts of every fan there by making one of the biggest assists ever before a capacity crowd and it didn’t involve passing a basketball. Instead, she passed on her homecoming princess crown to Becky Reece who is battling cerebral palsy.