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Iron Mountain Riders’ project to honor KIA/MIA veterans

By Rebecca Herman
The Iron Mountain Riders (IMR), along with the support of Worley Hall VFW Post #6908 and the Johnson County Veterans Affairs Office, are starting a new project called “Flags for Heroes.” The goal is to remember and honor Johnson County natives who were killed or missing in action (KIA/MIA) in wars from the Spanish American War forward to present time” by placing American flags and crosses, with the name and branch of service for each aforementioned veteran. There will be approximately 120 flags displayed to represent the number of Johnson County natives who were either KIA or MIA.
The VFW Post #6908 will be procuring the materials and will oversee the display protocol while the Johnson County Veterans Affairs Office will be providing the research and validation of the veterans that will be honored.
Approval was required in order to have this display placed in front of the Johnson County Courthouse, so Sentell and other members have spent the past several months getting permission to set up this display. In November, the IMR received word that the County Commissioners had approved the display and then the IMR noticed City Council of the plans.
The displays will be placed in front of the courthouse on Memorial Day and Veterans Day for up to three days every year. The cost of these displays is $50 and covers the cost of the display and the cost of future issues such as replacements or additions. The money that is needed will be collected through fundraising, sponsorships, and donations.
IMR president, Lane Sentell, said that about a fourth of club members are veterans and that the club always honors these members. Normally, IMR members treat them to dinner and a visit to veteran memorials in places like Marion or Bedford, VA. This project will be another way that IMR can honor those who have bravely served. “They are a big part of who we are,” commented Sentell.
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