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Incumbents reseated in city election

With two spots on the city council up for grabs, the Town of Mountain City held their municipal elections this past Saturday. Voters were given the option to select two out of three potential candidates listed on the ballot, choosing between incumbents Bud Crosswhite and Kenny Icenhour as well as former mayor Kevin Parsons. Turnout was light, with only 251 votes being cast out of the 1652 that were actually registered and eligible to do so.
Because of the entrance of a third candidate to the race, the city was forced to hold early voting as well and as a result, of the 251 only 102 actually voted on Election Day at the Johnson County High School. Because of the fact that each voter was allowed to make up to two selections, the total number of votes cast could have been as high as 502, but with some opting to only make one choice in an effort to support a particular candidate the total number was 434.
Following the final tally at the Johnson County Election office Saturday evening, it was revealed that Bud Crosswhite received more than 40% of the total vote with 175 to his credit, giving him the number one slot. As a result Crosswhite will traditionally take over the reigns as Vice-Mayor from Alderman Jerry Jordan, the high vote recipient of the last election. Incumbent Alderman Kenny Icenhour received the second largest support, coming in just under his colleague at 160 and 36% of the vote. The remaining 22%, at 98 votes, went to Kevin Parsons.
The three candidates began their campaigns back in December, with Icenhour qualifying on the 11th, Crosswhite on the 14th, and Parsons on the 20th. Only residents of the town or owners of property within the city limits were eligible to vote. Property owners are not required to live inside the city limits as long as there are no more than two voters casting their ballot per property. In all, 85 votes were cast through this method, with the remainder being city residents with documented addresses.
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