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Incident leaves officer injured and local prison on lockdown

By: Lacy Hilliard
Tomahawk Writer/Photographer

Northeast Correctional Complex (NECC) in Mountain City, Tennessee was placed on lockdown on July 19, 2015 after what Tennessee Department of Corrections Public Information Officer Robert Reburn said was an “incident” that “resulted in an officer getting injured.” Reburn went on to say that the officer was treated for minor injuries and later released.
The lockdown comes almost a year to the day after 24-year-old inmate Timothy Tillery, Jr. was killed at Northeast Correctional Facility in an alleged gang violence incident. Tillery’s fellow inmate, 32-year-old Montrez Duncan was charged in the incident.
Inside sources allege that the current lockdown is possibly related to inmates that identify themselves as members of the “Crips.” The Crips are a gang that originally formed in Southern Los Angeles and now boast over 800 sets throughout the country. The gang is reportedly 30-35,000 members strong. Historically, the Crips are responsible for countless acts of violence throughout the United States. An inside source told The Tomahawk that at least 70 inmates identifying themselves as members of the Crips were moved into a higher level lockdown unit within NECC. Additionally, the insider stated that several inmates involved in the outbreak of violence were moved to another correctional facility in Morgan County, Tennessee following the incident.
At press time, NECC remained on lockdown with few details about the incident being made available to the public. The Tomahawk will continue to follow this story and will provide readers with details as they become available.