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Improvements, updates around town a priority

By Bethany Anderson

An important topic of discussion at the recent meeting of the Board of Alderman was the many improvements and updates needed around town with several projects mentioned.
Mayor Kevin Parsons mentioned that he would like the signage at the city limits to be updated to include recognition for local civic organizations such as the Kiwanis Club.
Public Works Director Gary Phillips stated that moving the existing Kiwanis Club signage closer to the city limit signage could be made quickly. Phillips made plans for his crews to do so and it has since been taken care of.
Chief of Police Denver Church requested a signage update for crosswalks around town, which included 12 signs at an estimated cost of $100 per sign. Alderman Bob Morrison made a motion for a budget amendment of $1,500 for the necessary signage.
The discussion on improvements continued in connection with the crosswalk light at Highway 421, and Highway 67, which according to officials is in much need of repairs. The estimated is $5,485.50 with $2,200 already paid for previous work and troubleshooting the issues.
Alderman Lawrence Keeble made a motion to move forward with this project, citing safety concerns for the town.
Alderman Jerry Jordan added, “I know Gary and his roads crew have been working on the crosswalks, and they look a whole lot better.”
Addressing a much talked about blight in town, Mayor Kevin Parsons made mention of a downtown building in disrepair.
“We’ve got a building in terrible condition here in town,” he said, speaking of the old Army Surplus building. “It could be a dangerous situation. Now that it’s vacant it would be a good time to do something about it.”
Parsons made mention that he had spoken to the realtor of the building and that there are currently plans for a new tenant to rent the building. He then said, “I’d like to have our building inspector and Fire Chief take a look at that.”
City Building Inspector Jesse Compton responded saying, “My biggest concern would be a child going in there.” He added, “We do have the right with building codes to go in and take a look.”
Plans were then made for Compton to meet with Fire Chief Gary Stout and schedule that inspection and address any concerns before the new occupants can
take possession of the building.
That the meeting was improvement oriented there was little doubt. Thanks to the recent momentum of growth in town and the county, the effort is welcomed by the community.