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IMPROVE Act provides $100,783,079 in transportation projects in Johnson County

Former Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey details IMPROVE Act’s projects in Johnson County and across the state.

The Transportation Coalition of Tennessee held a series of news conferences last week to discuss the impact of the IMPROVE Act’s projects on different areas of the state. As part of the series, a press conference was held to detail how specific projects will affect Johnson County residents.
The total impact for Johnson County is $8,306,079 for the combined revenue to cities and counties as well as the Tennessee Department of Transportation road and bridge projects, totaling $92,477,000 from the IMPROVE Act.
According to the materials distributed, the five TDOT-funded projects in Johnson County are as follows:
1. Local Bridges 0A064 Stage Coach Loop Bridge over Doe Creek 0.01 miles $199,000
2. Local Bridges 0A296 Forge Creek Cir. Bridge over Forge Creek 0.01 miles $349,000
3. Local Bridges 0A409 Little Dry Run Rd. Bridge over Roan Creek 0.01 miles $986,000
4. Local Bridges 0A375 Slimp Branch Rd. Bridge over Roan Creek 0.01 miles $943,000
5. Rural Access SR-91 from near Cold Springs Road to the Virginia state line 7.81 miles $90,000,000
The event was part of a 95-county tour to discuss specific projects in every area of the state.
The IMPROVE Act creates a long-term, dedicated funding source to fix outdated transportation infrastructure by making a modest increase to the user fees on its roads and bridges while providing a tax cut to the grocery, business and Hall income taxes.
The increase in the user fees means Tennessee residents won’t shoulder the entire burden alone, as revenue will be captured from visiting tourists and the trucks that move goods through the state. This continues Tennessee’s history as a pay-as-you-go state, meaning the people who use the roads pay for their upkeep.
“Governor Bill Haslam’s IMPROVE Act is the fiscally responsible way to fund transportation infrastructure projects, using an increase in the user fee offset by giving Tennessee residents the largest tax cut in our state’s history,” said Susie Alcorn, executive director of the Tennessee Infrastructure Alliance.
The IMPROVE Act prioritizes 962 projects across all of Tennessee’s 95 counties, addressing a $10.5 billion backlog in repairs and updates. The legislation also includes a local option for municipalities to hold their own referendums for tax increases to fund local transportation needs and provides property tax relief to veterans and the elderly.