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Important updates on upcoming August 7th election

There are several significant dates leading up to the August 7, 2014 Johnson County General Election and State Primary as well as the November 4 State and Federal General Election that include the following:
April 3 at 12 noon: Qualifying deadline for candidates
April 10 at 12 noon: Withdrawal deadline for candidates, as well as independent candidates for offices to be filled on the August or November General Ballots.

May 9: First day the CEC can receive requests and/or applications for Absentee Ballots to be voted by mail by persons other than armed forces personnel, their spouses and overseas voters
June 18 at 12 noon: Write-in candidate deadline for August Primary and County General
July 8: Last day to register to vote in person and by postmark for August Primary and County General
July 18 – August 2: Early Voting for August Primary and County General
July 31: Last day to process an application for Absentee Ballot for August Primary and County General
August 7: Election Day (State Primary and County General)
November 4: Election Day (State and Federal General)

Those filing for the Johnson County Election to date (but not necessarily qualified with the Election Commission) are as follows:
Circuit Court Clerk: Jerry W. Gentry, Melissa Hollaway, Joey R. Norris
Constable, District 1 (Laurel and Cold Springs): James E. Brown
Constable, District 2 (Forge/Shouns, Trade, Neva): Norman E. Miller, Benjamin Neil Price, Bob W. Snyder
Constable, District 3 (Dry Run, Butler, Doe and Shady): Clinton R. Lunceford, David S. Price, David A. Quave
County Clerk: Tammie C. Fenner, Patricia G. Grindstaff
County Commissioner, District 1: William K. (Bill) Adams, Adam Clayton Campbell, David E. Campbell Jr., Kenneth M. Taylor, Gary G. Woodard
County Commissioner, District 2: Justin Haden Arnold, Christopher E. Atwood, Lester R. Dunn, Gregory S. Mast, John L. Potter Jr.
County Commissioner, District 3: Robert G. Grindstaff, Jerry Lee Johnson, Amanda C. Moffatt, Christopher B. Pierce, Dwayne C. Potter, Billy D. Roark
County Commissioner, District 4: Terry L. Brown, Michael Albert Conners, Henry E. Medley, Tommy R. Poore, Ricky L. Snyder, Ronnie A. Stout
County Commissioner, District 5: Matthew J. Bunting, James M. Fenner, George R. Lowe, James H. Lowe
County Commissioner, District 6: Huey Lee Long
County Commissioner, District 7: Evelyn W. Hill, Gina Y. Meade
County Mayor: Fred H. Phipps, Larry D. Potter, Katherine L. Wright
General Sessions Judge/Juvenile Court Judge: Harvey R. Fallin, William Bliss Hawkins
Register of Deeds: John Sherman Brookshire, Freida A. Dugger, Myram Gail Gambill, Patsy C. Laws, Jonathan D. Pleasant, Veneda K. Roark
Road Superintendent: Rick L. Curd, James Kenneth Moody, Anthony G. Porter, Freddie Darrell Reece, Robert Blake Stout
School Board, District 1 (Laurel and Cold Springs): Howard L. Carlton
School Board, District 3 (Dry Run, Butler, Doe and Shady): Alecia B. Burleson, Kenneth Linell Gregg, Kevin V. Long
Sheriff: Edward F. Hoak, Elmer Kenneth Lane, Jody S. Putnam, William “Mike” Michael Reece, Johnny W. Roberts
State of TN House of Representatives: Kevin D. Parsons, Timothy Hill
Trustee: Lisa K. Crowder, Christopher P. Mullins, Brian S. Taylor, Michael C. Trivette

Nine hundred cards have been mailed out to registered voters who vote in the 4-B section of the county in Butler with the address of a new polling location. The change was due to the need to make the voting location handicap accessible. It was previously at the Butler Fire Department but has been changed to the Masonic Lodge, located at 138 Rainbolt Street in Butler, TN 37683.
The change in location will allow the fire trucks at Butler Fire Department to leave quickly should the need arise as there will be no extra vehicles impeding them from leaving the facility. “We thank the Masonic Lodge and Eastern Star for working with us and for making great facilities available,” said Mike Long, Administrator of Elections.
The polling locations in Johnson County that did not have a change are as follows: One-A Laurel will be at Laurel Elementary School in the gym, located at 300 Gentry Creek Road, Tennessee 37680. One-B Cold Springs will be held in the Kellogg building at 100 Kellogg Drive, Mountain City, TN 37683. Location 2, for Forge and Shouns, will be at the National Guard Armory, located at 1923 S. Shady Street in Mountain City, TN 37683. Location 3-A in Trade will be at Trade Community center in the gym at 228 Modock Road in Trade, TN 37691. Location 3-B for Neva will be at Roan Creek School in the cafeteria, located at 2410 Roan Creek Road, Mountain City, TN 37683. Four-A in Dry Run is located at Dry Run Volunteer Fire Department at 5646 Big Dry Run in Butler, TN 37683. Voting for those in Doe at location 5 will be held at Doe School in the cafeteria at 7164 Highway 67W in Mountain City, TN 37683. Location 6 for Shady and Sutherland will be held at Shady School in the gym, 423 Highway 133 in Shady Valley, TN 37688. For Mountain City’s location 7, voting will take place at Johnson County High School in the commons area, 500 Fairground Lane, Mountain City, TN 37683.
According to Long, there are 10,968 active and inactive registered voters in Johnson County. Contact the Election Board with any questions at 727-8592 or visit their website at