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Hot wheels

Local cub scouts win top spots at annual Pinewood Derby

By Bethany Anderson

The 2019 Pinewood Derby first place winner Luke Anderson, left, is joined by second and third place winners Mack White and Noah Reece. The boys represent the local Cub Scouts Pack 9 in the Overmountain District. The recent derby was held at Pack 9’s usual meeting post at the First United Methodist Church in Mountain City. Photo by Bethany Anderson

The annual Pinewood Derby is a beloved tradition for Cub Scouts all over, especially those belonging to the local Pack 9 from the Overmountain District.
This year Pack 9 boasted of six boys, who built cars and competed with confidence of success.
The official competition was held at Pack 9’s usual meeting post at the First United Methodist Church in Mountain City with the full Pack as well as many (now adult) Cub Scouts from years past in attendance.
Pack 9’s participants this year included Mack White, Sawyer Dillard, Noah Reece, Keegan Wright, Luke Anderson, and Jake Anderson. The boys took turns racing their cars two at a time with the winner of each of those smaller races competing against each other in the next rounds until it was down to the final two cars.
When said and done first place went to Luke Anderson with his “Lucky 13” green wedge car.
Second Place went to Mack White with his black and red wedge car, while Noah Reece came in third place with his black and red pickup truck.
The event was as exciting as expected and the competition was enjoyable for all who came to cheer on and show their support for the contenders.
The boys are given a specific list of rules and regulation to follow so that the competition held last Thursday was fair for all.
To be ready for each competition, participants have the option to purchase a preset kit from Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to use in their construction.
The kits include only a block of wood, four axles (nails), and four wheels.
Scouts are encouraged to personalize or decorate their cars with the help of their partners and parents. The scouts however, must complete the bulk of the carving, design, and other work.
Participants have to follow strict rules including the size and weight of each vehicle as well as the type of wheels, bearings, and other specifications.
The Annual BSA Pinewood Derby is a serious competition for many of these boys. Great care is always given to keep it a level playing field for all involved.
All cars are inspected and weighed before the competition begins to ensure that it is a fair race. Unfortunately because of weather delays, the scouts each had less than one month to complete their cars for the race.
“These young men learn and grow right before my very eyes each year in Cub Scouts,” Packmaster Jessica Dillard said. “The excitement is evident on every one of their faces when I
announce that it’s Derby time.”
Following Thursday evening’s race for the local Pack 9, the Overmountain District Race was held
in Bristol on Saturday, March 9.
Out of 64 cars racing, the first and fourth place awards went to two of local boys.
First place of the Overmountain District Pinewood Derby went to Jake Anderson, and the fourth place went to his brother Luke Anderson, sons of resident and owner of Anderson’s Diesel and Gas Garage, Freddy Anderson.
“This event helps teach our scouts about sportsmanship and competition,” Dillard said. “It shows them the joy of working hard on a project to make something they can be proud of. I’m honored to be able to provide such great experiences for the children of Pack 9. I’m proud of each and every Cub that joined us for our Pinewood Derby this year.”
For more information on the Overmountain District
of Cub Scouts, please
overmountain or contact local Pack 9 Packmaster Jessica Dillard at (423) 727-5539.