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Honeycutt faced weight issues and changed her life

Many people experience an “aha” moment that ultimately changes everything and for Crystal Honeycutt, now a coach and fitness guru, it was an seemingly ordinary day in September of 2003, when her post pregnancy weight reached up to 215 lbs.
“My husband and I took our son to a local state park and there was a lighthouse on a small hill that our son wanted to look out” Honeycutt explains. “I had to wait at the bottom of the hill while my husband walked him up because I was so out of shape. As I stood there with tears streaming down my face, I promised myself that I would never miss a moment of his life again.” It was at that pivotal moment Honeycutt realized she had allowed her weight hold her back.
“I missed a moment of his life because I had let my weight over take me,” she said. “That was the last day I stood at the bottom of a ‘hill’ in life.” Currently, nothing holds her back as Honeycutt faces fitness head-on and tackles obstacles with a fierceness that cannot be matched.
“I made the decision that I wasn't going to live at a size 20ish any longer,” she recalled, and while it took about five years to finally reach her desired weight of 125 lbs, she reports it was well worth every tear and every drop of sweat.
Honeycutt made the decision to lose weight in a healthy way without turning to fad diets or weight loss drugs. “Losing weight brought out a side of me that I didn't know existed,” she said. “The same girl who couldn't play with her son on the playground now runs half marathons, teaches fitness classes, personal trains, lifts weights, and does Turbo for hours–yes, that's me!”
Honeycutt, who has always been petite, never dieted or exercised as a teen, but after becoming pregnant, like so many women, began “eating for two.” She reportedly gained some 100 lbs. during the pregnancy and even after the birth of her son, remained overweight. “I tried countless diets and failed at all of them,” she reported. “I assumed this was my new destiny.” Eventually she even developed some binge eating patterns that only exacerbated to her weight problems.
“I believe we all have that one thing in life that we love more than ourselves, more than our addiction, more than life,” she said. “For me, that was my little boy. I knew he deserved so much more from me. He deserved a chance at living a healthy lifestyle.”
After realizing her zeal for fitness, Honeycutt began helping others reach their weight loss goals. “I have made it my life's mission to help others regain back their lives,” said Honeycutt. “I want everyone to live healthy and be at their maximum fitness level.” She now spends most of her time helping others. “Helping someone along in their journey just fuels my fire to keep going,” she said.
The sky is the limit for this fitness junkie, as just recently she was highlighted on the cover of Health, a well-known fitness magazine. She is also certified to teach several fitness classes including 20/20/20, Urban Striptease (a/k/a Girlz Night Out), Hip Hop Hustle, Turbo Kick, and PiYo.
“Where do you want your journey to end?, she asks. “No matter what your end is, you can't begin until you take that first step forward.”