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Hometown Service Coalition provides Senior Center vital “bridge” donation

Hometown Service Coalition representatives John Cunningham, right and Jeffery C. Lowe, presents Johnson County Senior Center Director, Kathy Motsinger with a check for $1,500 to help bridge the Center’s end-of-year funding gap. Since its inception, HSC has been in high gear supporting local residents and organizations in need of assistance.

Submitted by Jeffery C. Lowe

With Christmas fast approaching, the Johnson County Senior Center faced a critical funding shortage, as reported last week. The Senior Center operates the county’s state-funded “Meals on Wheels” program to provide regular meals to shut-in seniors. But what many county residents may not realize is that the Senior Center also operates an auxiliary program providing meals up to six days each week to dozens of additional local seniors currently on the lengthy Meals on Wheels waiting list.Unfortunately, regular funding for the Center’s auxiliary food program lapsed and will not resume until after January. Recognizing this significant shortfall, Hometown Service Coalition (HSC), Johnson County’s newest nonprofit service organization, stepped up with a sizable donation.

On December 23, John Cunningham and Jeffery C. Lowe, President and Vice President of HSC, respectively, presented Kathy Motsinger, Director of the Senior Center, with a check for $1,500 to help bridge the Center’s end-of-year funding gap.Ms. Motsinger could “barely contain” her gratitude, she said. Motsinger emphasized that HSC’s donation will fund slightly over a week’s meals for county seniors in January.

“The Senior Center greatly appreciates HSC and looks forward to working together with them in the future,” Motsinger added. “We are truly blessed by the generosity of HSC and others, helping us serve the many county seniors with food insecurities.”

According to Mr. Cunningham, “We formed HSC to help serve those who serve our community. Having learned of the Senior Center’s funding deficit, our board voted unanimously to make that an immediate priority.”

“Food insecurity in Johnson County, like elsewhere, is a major concern, one which is often overlooked,” Cunningham added. “HSC will be here going forward to assist wherever able. This also includes several big projects we’re examining in the county.”

Lowe added, “Doing this work is the privilege of a lifetime.”

The Senior Center is a multi-purpose facility providing services for Johnson County residents aged 60 and older. Anyone wishing to help fund meals for Johnson County seniors may contact Director Kathy Motsinger or Advisory Board President, Dr. John D. Payne, at the Johnson County Senior Center at 727-8883.