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High School Players make history with double feature of ‘The Giver’ and ‘Gathering Blue’

By Rebecca Herman
The Johnson County High School Players have been working overtime this semester and that hard work was apparent in this past weekend’s performance at Heritage Hall on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of two one-act plays; something that has never been done at JCHS.
Based on books written by Lois Lowry, “The Giver” and “Gathering Blue” take place in a time where society is trying to make life better than the past. Ultimately, they fail in their effort because life, choices, and differences are what makes the world interesting and worth living in. Both plays address some heavy issues such as how much control government should have over society, how to determine the value of life, and what is done to people who are labeled as defective. Even with such substantial topics being addressed in these plays, the actors performed with the grace and professionalism of seasoned stage actors.
“This year we have a young cast,” said Michael Eggers, JCHS Director, who thanked the players for the time and hard work that was required for this semester’s performance. Through Eggers leadership, two flawless performances were executed.
The first one-act play, “The Giver,” was led by Jonas, played by Conner Nowak. Nowak shined in the role of a conflicted, young boy trying to understand the world around him that was not what it seemed. Secrets were revealed to him from The Giver, played by Dade Fritts. Fritts played the soft-spoken, aging giver of memories. Each actor played well off each other and audience members felt moved by the memories given to Jonas, which were projected onto the stage behind the two characters.
Jonas’ family, played by Will Butler, Fernanda Flores, and Rebecca Nowak, helped with Jonas’ journey as well as his friends, played by Ryan Shupe, Marly Eggers (Friday), and Courtney Stout (Saturday/Sunday).
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