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Harry Rosenberg is still missing

Authorities have informed The Tomahawk that Harry Rosenberg is still missing. Rosenberg was last seen making his way into the Cherokee National Forest during a routine afternoon walk on Sunday, January 13. Rosenberg was heading into the forest via the access road at the end of Gentry Creek Road in Laurel Bloomery.
Since the report came in about Rosenberg, search and rescue teams have scoured the area of National Forest where Rosenberg was last seen. A search helicopter was deployed on the evening of January 13 and made several passes of the area while utilizing infrared technology but no sign of Rosenberg was detected.
Recently, it was reported via the “Help Find Harry” Facebook page that a report came in from Weaver’s Pike area near Bristol that Rosenberg had been spotted. Authorities have confirmed that that while the tip was genuine, investigators have not found any leads to confirm that Rosenberg was ever in the Bristol area.
According to investigators, dogs will search Rosenberg’s last known area on Wednesday, January 23. Sheriff Reece issued a statement saying, “At this time we have found absolutely no trace of Rosenberg in the area he was last seen.”
Friends and family of Harry Rosenberg will be hosting an open house in gratitude of all those that have dedicated their time and efforts in the search for Rosenberg. For more information about this event, please see the community calendar.