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Greene was likely charging gunman when he was shot

It has been almost four years since the massacre at Fort Hood near Killeen, Texas that took the lives of 13 people including Specialist Fred Greene from Johnson County and injured more than 30 others. United States Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who served as a psychiatrist to the troops, was charged as the lone shooter and is now standing trial.
Fred Greene, 29 years old at the time of his death in November of 2009, was married with two children. He was assigned to the 510 Engineer Company, 20th Engineer Battalion. According to a recent Fox News story and other newspaper sources, pathologist Dr. Phillip Berran testified that Greene was shot 12 times and his wounds were consistent with someone trying to charge the shooter.
Those that knew Greene as he was growing up in Johnson County as well as those that knew him as a young man, husband and father say they are not surprised to hear he gave his life trying to protect others.
According to Tia Thomas, although she didn’t know Greene very well, she had observed him helping with Vacation Bible School. “He was very, very quiet, but he always just jumped in and helped and did things without even being asked to,” said Thomas. “You would turn around and he would be sitting beside a three year old, cutting up their pb&j, or helping a five year old glue sequins on their craft, or sweeping the floor or taking out the trash. No one ever asked him to do it, if he saw that it needed to be done, he would just do it. So, really, him charging the shooter and trying to stop him would be consistent with what little I knew of him.”
“He was shy and bashful as a child,” said Lisa Baker Main as she recently recalled her memories of Greene. “He seemed like a sweet little boy.” According to Main, Greene spent part of his youth living in a home on Copperhead Road with his grandparents. As they aged, Greene was there to help take care of them. “He used to walk to church all the time,“ she recalled. “It didn’t matter what the weather.“ Greene attended Baker’s Gap Church and was laid to rest in the church’s cemetery.
Hasan is currently defending himself in his court-martial trial. He has been charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 charges of attempted premeditated murder. He has rejected both civil and military lawyers. Hasan was wounded during the attack and remains paralyzed from the chest down. National media has reported that he has admitted to the shootings during the trial. During his opening statement Hasan said, “The evidence will clearly show that I am the shooter.” It has also been reported by various news agencies that Hasan stated over and over that he was acting to protect the Taliban leaders in Afghanistan from the United States military. If convicted, he could face the death penalty. It was also reported he informed a panel of mental health experts he wished he would have died in the attack as that would have meant God chose him to be a martyr. If convicted, and he dies by lethal injection, Hasan believes he would still be considered a martyr.