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Green Dot Card scam active again

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office would like to advise the public of a scam that is once again circulating through the community. There are subjects that are calling random victims to notify them of various scenarios. Some victims are told they have won something but need to send money up front in order to secure the winnings. Some victims are advised they are qualified for a loan but they also need to send money to secure the loan. Some victims are receiving calls that a family member needs money sent for various reasons. Victims are being directed to purchase “Green Dot Cards” in order to help a family member or secure said winnings or loans. Green Dot Cards are available at local stores such as Rite Aid and work like a debit card. After buying the cards, they are instructed to call back and give the numbers off the back of the card. The scammer then collects the money, but there are no winnings, loan or family member in need of money.
Sheriff Mike Reece wants the community to be aware that these calls are a scam. No one should purchase these cards without complete assurance beforehand that it is for a legitimate purpose. One should always be sure that any company you are dealing with is legitimate before sending money. Also get confirmation that a family member is in need of funds before proceeding further, especially once the caller mentions Green Dot Cards. All social media sites that contain personal information should be open only to people that are known personally. According to law officials, victims that use social media sites are more at risk for getting personal information stolen, that in turn is being used against the victim.
If you should have any questions or concerns, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 423-727-7761.