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GoJoCo Kids Club bicycle winners

October 31, 2018

Joco kids
Ben Nelson and Gunner Shull were excited to learn they were the winners of the GoJoCo Kids Club grand prize! Photo by Jana Jones

By Jana Jones

“My son wakes up on  Saturday mornings asking when we can go to the Farmers Market.” Gunner Shull’s mom, Danielle, told the GoJoCo Kids Club volunteers.

He added how excited he is to participate in the activities held at the Farmers Market from May until October.

“My sons are eating vegetables that I didn’t even know they would eat.” Julian and Daniel Palmer’s mom confesses.

The GoJoCo Kids Club at the Farmers Market began May of this year. As part of the GoJoCo Healthier Tennessee initiative, the Kids Club has multiple goals. The first goal is to teach children that they have choices of what to eat and why they would want to choose foods that are good for their body, help them run faster, think better and feel better rather than foods that can harm them.  They learned that eating healthy vegetables is fun and delicious.

Each week the participants made fun, healthy snacks like tortilla roll-ups shaped like mice or apple butterflies or red pepper spiders. The second goal of the GoJoCo Kids Club was to introduce children to active, simple games they can play in their free time. Each child had the opportunity to learn Chinese jump rope, hopscotch, or run in an obstacle course.

Any child that participated at least ten times from May until October had their name placed in a drawing to earn a free bicycle. This past Saturday, the six children who reached this requirement came to the last GoJoCo Club of this season to find out the winners.  The GoJoCo Committee members voted to not only give a bicycle to a younger child and one to an older child, but they decided to award every child a prize. The winners of the bicycle drawing were Gunner Shull, age 5, and Ben Nelson, age 10.  Additionally, Julian Palmer, Daniel Palmer, Evan Perkins, and Jillian Perkins were all awarded new scooters. Each child also received a helmet.

The Johnson County Farmers Market (JCFM) wants to thank the GoJoCo Committee members for sponsoring this bike give away and supporting the Kids Club in so many other ways.  The GoJoCo Kids Club will continue in 2019 starting the first Saturday in May at the outdoor Farmers Market. Beginning this Saturday, November 3, the JCFM will move indoors to the Welcome Center basement. Stay tuned to the latest updates by following the JCFM Facebook page.