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Foster families needed in county

By Lacy Hilliard
There are over 120,000 children adopted in the United States each year. Though this number is strong and growing annually, when you compare it with the 650,000 children that spent time in foster care in 2011; it’s obvious that there are still a number of children that are in need of a loving family.
It is the mission of the Youth Villages organization to see that every child is placed with the family they deserve; even if that means the rehabilitation of the child’s own family. The Youth Villages organization has set forth several principals which they have vowed to follow closely. The values of Youth Village are as follows: “Kids’ needs come first, always. We make every decision in the best interest of each child. We adapt our programs to accommodate the special needs of children and families. Often we make personal sacrifices in order to help children and families achieve their potential. Children are raised best by their families; we help families provide the support and structure that all children need. We provide a safe place. We provide care and treatment for children in an open, safe environment. We ensure that young people are physically and emotionally safe. We strive to achieve positive, lasting results. We help children and families develop skills to live successfully by focusing on areas that have a long-term impact on the family.
“We are committed to our staff. We recognize the many challenges our staff face each day. We value teamwork and help staff achieve their potential through an atmosphere of open communication, learning and fun. We are each responsible for providing the highest level of service to our customers. We deliver our best by listening and responding to our customers…every time, every day. We constantly improve our performance to achieve excellence. We measure our efforts by assessing our strengths and needs to identify areas for improvement. We believe that anything can be made better.
“We create new programs to meet the needs of children, families and the community. We develop innovative programs that serve children and families facing the most challenging circumstances.
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