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Former Damascus officer hopes to win bid for his old K-9 partner

By Lacy Hilliard
Justin Miller is a former police officer from the Damascus Virginia Police Department who recently resigned alongside former Police Chief Bill Nunley due to “lack of support for the police department from the Damascus Town Council and the Mayor.”
For the past two years, Miller has performed his duties alongside a K-9 partner named Emmy. In May of 2012, Miller traveled to St. Alban, West Virginia to pick up his new partner. From that point forward, Miller participated in Emmy’s training regimen and was her primary caretaker, even taking her home with him at the end of the day. “It was my understanding that after 2 years of service Emmy belonged to me in return for me caring for her,” said Miller. However, the Damascus Town Council had a different opinion.
Shortly following Miller’s resignation from the Damascus Police Department, he reportedly received a call from the Interim Police Chief demanding that Emmy be returned to the department because she is considered “town property.” Miller then was informed of a town council decision to sell Emmy to the highest bidder, as they no longer have use for her on the police force. The council set forth a minimum bid of $3,000 and so began Miller’s fundraising campaign.
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