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Flatt takes on new role at TN Department of Agriculture

Whitney Flatt is the new Agribusiness Development Consultant.

NASHVILLE —Agriculture Commissioner Jai Templeton today announced the appointment of Whitney Flatt as the Agribusiness Development Consultant for food business growth at the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA).

As the newest Agribusiness Development Consultant, Flatt will be responsible for developing a strategic plan for and cultivating business opportunities in food, beverage, and other related sectors.

“We have revamped our Agricultural Advancement division to continue strengthening Tennessee agriculture, and Whitney will be a valuable addition to assist in accomplishing that goal,” Commissioner Templeton said. “This shift reinforces our efforts to become more strategic in facilitating agribusiness opportunities, particularly in our distressed and at-risk counties.”

Flatt has been with TDA since 2016, serving as a program coordinator for the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program (TAEP). During her time with TAEP, she oversaw the grain storage, hay storage, livestock feed storage, and livestock working facility cover programs. She also served as TAEP’s outreach specialist, providing customer support to more than 3,000 producers annually.

Prior to joining TDA, Whitney worked as a project coordinator for the 2Seeds Network, a development non-profit based in Tanzania, East Africa. Her efforts with 2Seeds centered on agribusiness training, value and supply chain management, and human capital development.

“I am excited about the possibilities this new position holds,” Flatt said. “There is a wealth of opportunity for growth within Tennessee’s food and beverage sector, and I am eager to work with new and established businesses to further our state’s economic development in this area.”

Flatt grew up in Newbern, Tenn. She is a dedicated foodie, traveler, and a lover of the arts. In her spare time she enjoys trying farm-to-table restaurants, traveling, and attending film screenings at Nashville’s Belcourt Theatre. For food and beverage manufacturing inquiries, Flatt can be reached at [email protected]

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