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Five-year-old collects books for local children

Dana and Charles Bogard give away children’s books during Kids’ Day at the Johnson County Farmers Market. Photo by Deborah Dickens.

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Local five-year-old Dana recently decided that she would like to provide books to kids around the area. It just so happened that little Dana picked what seems like the perfect time as the Johnson County Farmers Market’s Kids’ Day was right around the corner. Dana, along with her brother Charles, gave out books at their booth, Dana’s Free Library, on Saturday, July 18. 

“We are proud of her wonderful ideas and giving spirit,” Daniell told a farmers market representative.

Dana and Charles are not strangers to the Johnson County Farmers Market. Their parents Jason and Daniell Bogard took over Harbin Hill Farms earlier this year, which offers herbs and vegetables to the community. The family is involved with the Farmers Market booth. Daniell reached out to the community about Dana’s idea through the Harbin Hill Farms Facebook on July 11. The community responded quickly and scoured to find books for the cause.

“Just last week at dinner, our 5-year-old daughter Dana said she wanted to build a market front out of boxes and give free books to kids at the farmers market,” Daniell explained. “I suggested asking the community for donations of kids’ books for her booth.”

The Johnson County Farmers Market has shown interest in child-related activities throughout the years. It previously held a grant for a JoCo Kids’ Tent that offered learning opportunities and activities, including making simple, fun, and healthy recipes. According to a market representative, funding and COVID-19 limitations made this not possible. Reportedly, the JoCo Kids’ Tent was missed so much that the Farmers Market Board decided to host Kids’ Day. At Kids’ Day, kids received a free $5 token, an activity bag, free books, and a photo-op on an old tractor.

The Johnson County Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Ralph Stout Park, located at 210 Old South Church St in Mountain City. For more information on the farmers market, visit For more information on Harbin Hill Farms, visit