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Federal budget issues halt monthly Social Security rep visits to county

The usual second Tuesday of the month visits to Johnson County from Social Security representatives have been halted due to the federal budget crisis in Washington, D.C.
Unfortunately for those Johnson Countians planning to talk with Social Security representatives yesterday at the courthouse, the call did not come in until Monday evening after 4:00 p.m. to inform citizens of that decision. Johnson County Mayor Larry Potter immediately informed the local media, but it was impossible to get the word out to the majority of the public in such a short amount of time. Many citizens showed up at the courthouse on Tuesday expecting to talk with Social Security officials.
“I have already placed calls to Rep. Phil Roe’s office as well as the district office in Johnson City to express my disappointment that we were not informed earlier,” said Potter. “I understand they are working under some difficult circumstances, but our people deserve better than a last minute phone call.”
In the 1980s there were approximately 2,000 sites in the country where Social Security representatives visited on a regular basis to give rural citizens local access to the agency. Past budget cuts had reduced that number to 500, with the current crisis decreasing it even further.