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Fall Sports begin at an early age for Johnson County

Longhorns running the ball against Bulldogs at Paul McEwen Stadium on Saturday afternoon. Photo by Dean Jones.

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

Every community across this country loves high school sports; not to be cliché, but high school sports are as American as Apple pie. However, stepping back a few years, most players get their first start as early as five years old. Junior Leagues help the younger players get the fundamentals of sports, understand the core concepts, and get the taste of competition.

Many studies also connect youth sports to more confidence, showing respect to others, watching out for others, and establishing trust in others. Not to mention how cool it is to see your little one out there participating on the field as a football player or cheerleader.

Upon entering middle school, the youth players know the full level of competition. They are learning how to improve their game and know the expectations of athletics and what to accomplish before getting into high school. Middle school gives a solid foundation of teamwork, hard work, the pride of victory, and the lessons of defeat.

Overall, adolescents who participate in sports are less likely to engage in risky behaviors or substance use. Sports aid in many areas of the emotional and physical wellbeing of middle school age youth which can have a positive and lasting effect for now and years to come.

In this week’s edition of The Tomahawk, the middle school sports edition honors the players, coaches, and parents who put so much time and effort into the sport they love.

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