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Facebook murder victim's family criticizes Sheriff Reece

Copies of a letter written to Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece concerning what has become known as “The Facebook Murders” were received at newspapers throughout the area last Tuesday. The author identified himself as David Garland, stepfather of Billy Payne, Jr., one of the victims in the murders.
The letter criticizes Reece’s handling of the case since the beginning. Among other things, it says the family “believes (he) has already harmed the prosecution’s case by (his) public comments.” There are attachments to the email that contain copies of court documents where others had filed for orders of protection from Janelle Potter involving alleged Facebook harassment. The reports extend back four years. It claims that given the background surrounding Potter, Reece should have done more to protect the two victims, and that he pled ignorance to Tennessee’s cyber-bullying law that has been on the books since May of 2011.
Janelle Potter’s father, Marvin Potter, and Jamie Curd were charged with two counts of first-degree murder after Payne and his girlfriend, Billie Jean Hayworth, were found murdered in their home on January 31st of this year. Their six-month-old baby was unharmed in its mother’s arms.
At press time, there was no response to attempts by The Tomahawk to reach Sheriff Reece for comment.