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Election complaint dismissed by chancellor

By Paula Walter
A complaint filed by Jessica L. Fallin in the Chancery Court of Johnson County against the Johnson County Election Commission was heard by Chancellor John Rambo on Friday, September 12, 2014. According to William Cockett, attorney for Johnson County, a motion was filed by the county to dismiss the complaint. Chancellor Rambo granted the motion and the case was dismissed. “The election commission is vindicated,” said Cockett.
According to Cockett, the complaint against the Johnson County Election Commission was dismissed because it lacked standing. The law does not give Fallin the right to file a complaint in this instance as it would have to have been filed by an incumbent or a candidate.
According to Fallin, her complaint was filed after receiving reports from voters in the county who had expressed various concerns about the recent election. Petitions were placed in a few locations around the county in order to obtain signatures necessary to file the complaint seeking a new election. Each of the defendants listed had 30 days in which to respond.