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Election adds some faces; keeps some familiar ones

By Lacy Hilliard

Red, white, and blue political signs lining every street from Main to Highway 67 can only mean one thing; it’s election time in Johnson County. The 2012 local and state candidates have been campaigning hard for several months and on Thursday, August 2, they found out whether or not their efforts would be enough gain local office or the official nomination.
The overall results in Johnson County for the 2012 State Primary Election are as follows: for the United States Senate, Bob Corker received 1797 votes; United States House of Representatives, Phil Roe, had 2049 votes, and Lieutenant Governor, Ron Ramsey, received 2083 votes. Despite Kevin Parsons carrying Johnson County with 1,180 votes, Timothy Hill won the nod for the Republican Tennessee State Representative for the third District, while Leah Kirk took the Democrat ticket. This district covers Johnson County and parts of both Sullivan and Carter counties. Matthew Lewis captured the job of Assessor of Property in win of 1,075 votes to Jerry Jordan’s 1,047 votes. Both Brad Dunn and Bill Gambill will now serve on the Johnson County School Board, and Ray Lunceford will be the new constable.
The theme of this year’s race for office was ‘expect the unexpected.’ Current Tennessee State Representative Scotty Campbell commented on the results saying “There were a lot of interesting matchups across the state. Some (candidates) that were anticipated to win, lost.” Campbell also reassured residents in regards to his commitment to smooth transition as the new State Representative takes over his seat in November. Though Kevin Parsons won the nod in Johnson County, he was unable to surpass Hill in Carter and Sullivan counties. After the race Parsons told the Tomahawk ““I appreciate Johnson County standing behind me, I am proud of the fact that I ran a clean race and did well in Carter and Sullivan counties, where just two months ago I was unknown. I want to thank everyone for their vote and financial support. Placing second in the race, after having started my campaign some 21 months later than the other candidates. I am excited about my chances of winning the seat in 2014.” His opponent, Timothy Hill said, ““We did really well in early voting. It’s a honor and I’m excited to move forward. We are looking forward to being accessible to he people. There is a lot of work to be done. I am honored to be an advocate for Johnson County and the entire third district as a whole.”
The official by-precinct breakdown of Thursday’s election results shows a close race for most local offices and a landslide in many state offices. In Laurel Bloomery Senate incumbent, Bob Corker (R) took the vote for United States Senate by a landslide with 189 votes. Trailing far behind with 12 votes; Fred R. Anderson and Zach Poskevich tied with 12 votes each. For the House of Representatives, congressman incumbent Phil Roe (R) prevailed over his democratic opponent, Alan Woodruff with 209 votes. Running unopposed for Lt. Governor, Ron Ramsey (R) received 213 votes. The race for State Representative however proved to be a close one in Laurel Bloomery with Timothy Hill receiving 96 votes and Kevin Parsons, 128 votes. The local race for Assessor of Property was close in Laurel with Jerry Jordan receiving 115 votes and Matthew Lewis with 111.
In the Cold Springs district the results were similar to the outcome in Laurel. Bob Corker gained 197 votes, Phil Roe- 230, and Ron Ramsey- 232. The State Representative race was close again with Kevin Parsons prevailing over Timothy Hill 126:121. The candidates for Assessor of Property was even closer in Cold Springs with Jerry Jordan receiving 96 votes, Matthew Lewis with 114, and Clint Robinson with 101.
Forge Creek/Shouns showed that they were in line with Cold Springs and Laurel Bloomery. It was Bob Corker on top again with 163 votes, Phil Roe with 176, and Ron Ramsey with 189. Kevin Parsons and Timothy Hill battled again with Parsons prevailing, 95:89. Matthew Lewis was favored over Jerry Jordan in this precinct at 128:79. For the Johnson County School Board (2nd District) Bill Gambill and Brad Dunn took the vote over Ann Parsons, incumbent.

In Trade, much of the same; Bob Corker- 80 votes, Phil Roe- 96, and Ron Ramsey- 99. Kevin Parsons gained a lead over Timothy Hill in this precinct with Parsons gaining 56% of the vote and Timothy Hill holding onto 30% of the vote. Jerry Jordan succeeded in this district with 57 votes but Matthew Lewis trailed close behind with 52. The race for the two school board seats was close again with Bill Gambill receiving 72 votes, Brad Dunn- 53, and Ann Parsons- 64.
Neva mirrored the results of the rest of the county as well. Bob Corker received 227 votes, Phil Roe- 262, and Ron Ramsey- 281. Parsons and Hill battled again with Parsons prevailing, 137:124. Jerry Jordan took the vote over Matthew Lewis and Clint Robinson with 156 votes. The school board race was close again with Brad Dunn receiving 191 votes, Bill Gambill- 164, and Ann Parsons- 149.
The nominees for state office in the Dry Run precinct were as follows: Bob Corker- 93, Phil Roe- 121, Ron Ramsey- 122, and Kevin Parsons- 75. Jerry Jordan took the lead in Dry Run with 59 votes. The vote for 3rd District Constable went to Ray Lunceford with 85 votes.
Butler had a voter turnout of only 13.22% but the ballot showed a similar result to that of the rest of the county. Bob Corker received 81 votes, Phil Roe- 101, Ron Ramsey- 96, and Kevin Parsons- 49. Jerry Jordan was the victor with 53 votes and Ray Lunceford took the vote for Constable.
In Doe Valley the winning candidates stayed strong with Bob Corker receiving 244 votes, Phil Roe- 268, Ron Ramsey- 269, and Kevin Parsons still battling closely with Timothy Hill, 166:121. Doe Valley chose Matthew Lewis over Jerry Jordan 147:124 and Ray Lunceford received the vote for constable over Dave Quave 158:113.
Shady Valley had a voter turnout of 23.70%. Once again, it was no contest for Bob Corker (148 votes), Phil Roe (169 votes), and Ron Ramsey (165 votes.) Parsons and Hill continued their close race with Parsons coming out on top 92:85. Matthew Lewis won in Shady Valley with 90 votes and Dave Quave taking the vote for constable with 89 votes.
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