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Eggers Road discussion takes county commission into executive session

By: Lacy Hilliard
Tomahawk Writer, Photographer

The Johnson County Commission met in regular session on March 19 at 7:00 p.m. All commissioners were present at the March meeting.
The first order of business requiring additional discussion and eventually an executive session was the ongoing discussion over Eggers Road in Doe Valley. The issue was previously discussed at several County Commission meetings including the January meeting where Jonathan Pleasant reported, “Road Superintendent Darrell Reece brought up a couple of other highway issues including a few minor name changes to align the county road list with the Johnson County Emergency 911 list. One issue that did come up involved an ongoing recommendation from the county planning commission. A few months ago there was a discussion concerning whether Eggers Road in Doe Valley was actually on the county road list.”
Jonathan Pleasant went on describe Eggers Road as “A dirt road leading out to farmland and one existing home, the problem came when flooding last year knocked out the existing bridge. One of the adjoining property owners brought in a flat bed railway car to try and create a new bridge but ultimately blocked access for other adjacent property owners. The issue was brought to the planning commission who found that the road was formally adopted in the 1970s, despite the fact that the county has never actually maintained it.”
At the January meeting, “County Mayor Larry Potter indicated that there had been a dispute about removing the rail car, which is preventing the county from installing a new tile bridge. According to Commissioner Jerry Grindstaff the Planning Commission met once again about the problem and made the official recommendation to send the property owner a certified letter granting 30 days to remove the rail car. Beyond that, the county would remove the flat car and then charge the expense to the property owner. Grindstaff ultimately put the recommendation in the form of a motion, which was seconded by Commissioner Scott Mast and received full support.”

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