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Eastern Eight to double size of Wayland Place

It was back to business for the Mountain City Planning Commission on Thursday night January 28th at City Hall.
Ann Cooper, Assistant Executive Director of Eastern Eight Housing Development, along with Bill Masoner of First Tennessee Development District, and Mike Royston of Impact Builders appeared before the commission with a request for site plan approval for a two story, eight unit apartment building to be constructed at Wayland Place Apartment complex at 134 Wayland Street. The proposed structure would measure 50 feet by 75 feet. The lower four apartments will consist of one apartment that will be fully handicapped accessible, and three apartments that can accommodate handicapped visitors. The four apartments on the upper floor will be regular two-bedroom apartments. Impact Builders has contracted to construct the new building for Eastern Eight, which will be measured, cut, and nailed on site. The Uniform Building Codes will be met throughout the construction. Brad Eastridge, city building inspector, was on hand to discuss the building permit process with the representatives of the project. The contractor, Impact Builders, assumes all responsibility to meet or exceed any and all code requirements. Wayland Place currently has an eight-unit apartment complex located between Wayland and Mary Streets in Mountain City. The new building will be constructed facing the existing apartment structure. Charles Alley of the State Planning Office did suggest to Ms Cooper that some kind of landscaping be included in the design plans. The proposed plan was approved unanimously by the commissioners.
Charles Alley then presented each commissioner with a Certificate of Education for training held in July of 2009. Members of the Planning Commission are required to attend annual training classes administered by MTAS (Municipal Technical Advisory Services) of the University of Tennessee.
As Mr. Alley continues to put the Land Use and Transportation Plan together, he showed commissioners some of the aerial maps that will be a part of the comprehensive plan. Due to the extensive details that will be included, the project is taking longer than expected.
Last month the Planning Commission had discussed the fact that the city still does not have a certified building inspector. The state allows one year for a building inspector to pass a test for certification. Brad Eastridge explained that he is studying for the test, and needs a little more time. The commission feels that Eastridge should be given additional time, since he has been preparing for several months, and serving in that capacity..
All Mountain City Planning Commission meetings are open to the public. The next meeting is scheduled to be held on Thursday night, February 25th at 7PM at City Hall.