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Drug force say no confirmation of ‘gravel’ in county

By:  Paula Walter

Assistant Editor

Several Johnson Countians have raised concerns this past week regarding a lethal drug they believed might have made its way into the county. The drug, known as gravel or flakka, is a man-made drug. Although it has been compared to cocaine, it is considered more dangerous and it falls into the same category as bath salts. It is difficult to distinguish the difference between this particular drug and others that may have very similar components. The effects on the user are similar. “We have heard about gravel,” said Chris Lipford, Johnson County Drug Force Officer, “but we’ve never actually seen it. At this point, there are no confirmed cases of gravel in the county.” There has been one suspected incident in the Johnson County Community Hospital Emergency Room, but it was not confirmed. “Everyone is trying to come up with new things,” Lipford added. “People are getting sick.”

According to Lipford, nine out of 10 times the drugs in the area are coming from outside of Johnson County. “There are not a lot of drug labs in the county,” he said. Gravel and other similar synthetic drugs have been reported to cause paranoia, hallucinations, extreme strength, violence and body temperatures that have climbed to over 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

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