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Donations needed for Thanksgiving meal

Some folks in Johnson County will be sharing Thanksgiving Day and its usual feast with more than family. A local pastor and his wife, Gary and Angie Gambill, say that God planted a dream in their hearts to organize a meal for all that want to share in it. Dubbed “The Grateful Gathering,” a traditional menu of turkey and all the trimmings will be served beginning around noon on Thanksgiving at the Crewette building in Mountain City.
“As soon as we started telling people what the Lord had laid on our hearts, everybody started volunteering to help,” said Angie. “Friends, family, church, Facebook … we’ve had a tremendous response so far.”
The couple says that their greatest concern at this time is that they have enough food for everyone that comes. They are asking for specific food items from the community as well as monetary donations to fill in the gaps if certain items are lacking. With the exception of desserts that need to be brought ready made, no one needs to prepare any dishes ahead of time. Ingredients are what are needed as the meal will be prepared by volunteers that day. For instance, they are asking for bags of raw potatoes, not bowls of mashed potatoes. Their hope is to serve a delicious, hot meal and it would be difficult to keep individual dishes fresh and warm. “Of course, we won’t turn anything down, but organization is going to be key to making this work smoothly, and we think cooking everything at once is the most efficient way to handle it,” said Gary.
Another concern is getting the word out to everyone that wants to partake of the meal. The Tomahawk newspaper, WMCT radio station, Facebook and word-of-mouth are the current vehicles of communication being used to advertise the event. In an effort to get a close estimate of the number of people that will be coming, the Gambills ask anyone wishing to eat that day to call them at 423-727-6230, 423-306-2022 or 423-306-00735 or contact them on Facebook on the “SONshine and Reign Farm and Ministry” page. “The last thing we want to do is run out of food and have to turn people away, so we must know how many we will be serving,” said Angie. “There won’t be any qualifying standards or lots of questions. We simply need to know you’re coming and how many will be eating.”
The Gambills see this meal as a first step toward their larger vision of a farm that feeds the hungry, both physically and spiritually. They have already given it the name “SONshine and Reign Farm and Ministry.” The plan is to grow their own food – everything from vegetables to livestock – and prepare meals on a daily basis for all that want to eat. “Crops and livestock will be tended and cared for, the buildings and grounds will be maintained, and all duties necessary to the running of the farm will be performed by those that come to eat. Everyone will work in whatever capacity they are capable, be that washing dishes in the kitchen or pulling weeds in the garden. Those that run the facility will work alongside the patrons and all will sit down and eat together,” said Angie of their plans. “There will be no need for embarrassment because all will work for their meals, and interwoven throughout the day’s chores will be spiritual lessons and Biblical teaching.”
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