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Doe Mountain plans top commissioners' agenda

County Mayor Larry Potter gave an update on Doe Mountain at the May County Commission meeting. Assuming that everything goes as planned, the state will close out the purchase of the 8600 acres at the end of this month, but Potter has already been busy looking at the possibilities for the mountain once everything clears. In an effort to promote community involvement and to gauge local concerns and ideas, Potter will hold an organizational meeting in the main courtroom on May 31st at 7:00.
The meeting will be a brainstorming session and will open the floor to possibilities including cooperation with the Mountain Trails Association out of Piney Flats. With over 400 members, this group has experienced trail builders in their ranks, and has already constructed high quality trails on Buffalo Mountain in Washington County, and helped with trails in Unicoi County. Potter envisions a possible Johnson County sister club to the organization to help with Doe Mountain.
Of course, major decisions will likely fall to the 15-member board of authority that will be set up by the state which will include representation from both the county and city, as well as TWRA, TDEC, and other state organizations. This is the first such self-governing authority that Tennessee has created, and legislators are largely borrowing the concept from neighboring Kentucky which has had success with the process.
Potter has also been looking into potential funding sources for additional work, such as establishing a trailhead and placing signage. The mayor’s efforts have included contacting Suzuki and Polaris who have shown interest in the project. Mayor Potter also informed the commission that the county road department had begun work on improvements on the Sink Mountain Boat Ramp Access Road, another longstanding project that is finally getting underway thanks to funding through the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.
Property Assessor B.C. Stout, sent a request to the commission to accept two nominations to the Equalization Board. Commissioner Bill Adams made the motion to accept Mark Wallace of Trade and William “Bill” Hammons from Mountain City to fill the positions. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Dean Stout and passed unanimously.
The purchasing committee also submitted their recommendations from the annual bids for the county highway department state aid and county road projects. Bids covered liquid asphalt, hot mix asphalt, stone for state aid projects, stone for county projects, corrugated metal pipe, and guardrail post and end terminals. These materials are used throughout the year on a regular basis, and the commission looked at each item before making a motion to approve the overall recommendations.
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