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Doe Mountain logo contest open to Johnson County middle and high school students

The Doe Mountain Board of Authority is seeking an official seal and logo to be created by a Johnson County middle or high school student. The 8,600 acre mountain, Doe Mountain located here in Johnson County will be used by hikers, mountain bikers, horseback and off-road-vehicle riders and will draw tourists from around the region, the state, the southeast, the country, and indeed the world. The chosen artwork will be the official seal and logo used in all Doe Mountain Outdoor Adventure Tourism promotion, marketing and advertising, both web and print. In an effort to create a visual means of association with Doe Mountain for marketing purposes, the inclusion of mountains and possibly a doe (a female deer), as well as hikers, mountain bicycle, horseback, and OHV riders might be appropriate, i.e. think about “Apple” and how just the image of the bitten apple leaves no doubt about the brand. Please keep in mind that often times, a simple logo carries more weight than does anything too busy, detailed, or complicated. The intended outcome should be a logo that will be appropriate for internet and print advertising (remembering the importance of visual association), for billboard advertising, t-shirts, hats, hoodies, bumper-stickers, and other paraphernalia; for letterhead, brochures, trailhead signage, and any other means of promoting Doe Mountain as Tennessee’s number one destination for outdoor adventure tourism.
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