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Dickens charged with multiple scams, theft and impersonations

Since September of last year, numerous reports from different residents of the county have been filed with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department indicating that an individual had obtained money from them for a variety of items they had never received. A subsequent investigation into the matter led to the arrest of Kevin Douglas Dickens, age 29, of 981 Millcreek Road, Mountain City, TN.
Dickens was charged with two counts of criminal impersonation, two counts of theft of property over $500, two counts of possession of stolen property, and one count of worthless check. He was given a $35,000.00 bond and is scheduled for an April 21st court date.
Kevin Dickens is a Johnson County native, and according to the sheriff’s department, is well known in the area.
Dickens first arrest was in September of 2009 when he was charged with theft of property. He allegedly stole welding torches, an oxygen tank and an acetylene tank from the farm where he was employed.
In December of last year, a report was filed indicating Dickens, using the alias of Kevin Gates, had stopped at a residence at 2:00 a.m., woke the person and told them his car had broken down. After approximately 30 minutes time he left in the same vehicle that was supposedly not working. Afterward, the victim discovered his wallet containing $300 in cash was missing.
In the same month an individual reported paying Dickens a $300 deposit on some sheep he was selling. According to that person, after many attempts to complete the transaction, they discovered the livestock did not belong to Dickens, but rather to a neighbor who had no intentions of selling them.
Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece says there was a complaint filed in February against Kevin Dickens when an individual says Dickens asked him to cash a check for $298 so that he could pay the alleged victim $105 that he said he owed him. When the worthless check was returned by the bank, the man realized he had lost the money.
Last month in March, a report was filed for criminal impersonation. The complaint stated that Dickens called an individual’s home and introduced himself as Doug Wilson. After attempting to sell him some cattle that the person would not buy, he offered him a pair of shotguns for $200. The alleged victim agreed to purchase the guns but after giving Dickens the money for them, he said he was told that the cash had been lost when Dickens was going to pick them up from a third party. According to the report, the individual never received the guns or his money back. For an additional $100, Dickens offered to make it good by selling him a hay baler valued at $300, but the man said he did not get the farm machinery either.
Also in March someone reported that he had loaned $2,190 to someone calling himself Kevin Wilson. He said the man had told him his baby was sick and in need of oxygen. He later identified Kevin Dickens in a photo lineup as the man to whom he had loaned the money.
Another gun scam was reported to the sheriff’s department this month. The man said he paid Dickens $300 in cash for a gun, but he never received the gun and was unable to locate Dickens again.
On April 7th, another individual reported giving $700 to Dickens for a flat screen television and four truck tires. He said when he went to pick them up that Dickens told him the items were locked in an outbuilding and he did not have the key. The alleged victim never received the TV or the tires, and his money was never returned to him.
The last person to date filing fraud charges against Dickens was an individual from North Carolina. He claimed to have purchased a lawn mower, plow and a disk for the amount of $400. He said Dickens did not meet him at the designated location when he was to pick up his farm equipment and phone calls to him had been to no avail. Like the others, he said he had never received the merchandise nor his money back.
The Johnson County Sheriff’s Department asks anyone that feels they have been scammed by Kevin Dickens to call 423-727-7761 to report it.