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December death of elderly Butler woman ruled homicide

A medical examiner has ruled the December 6, 2015 death of 83-year old Teruko Shaw of Johnson County a homicide.  The autopsy, performed at ETSU, indicated Shaw suffered a violent death.  Authorities have indicated it is believed her death occurred during a robbery or as she tried to evade intruders. Shaw’s husband passed away several years ago and she lived alone off Shaw Road in the Butler area of Johnson County.
Reports also indicate despite Shaw wearing six layers of clothing, her body was found bruised, along with a gash an inch long on the side of her neck.
“There was some trauma and broken bones,” Sheriff Mike Reece previously stated. “So there had to be some force to do that kind of damage.”
Shaw’s family had called the sheriff’s department as they were unable to reach her.  Upon arriving at the home, Shaw was found approximately 100 feet away from a creek.  Tennessee Bureau of Investigation was called in to assist with the case.
“The subject that we’re looking for or we’re looking at, and we have talked with, is actually not located in our county right now,” Sheriff Reece said. At this time, no arrests have been made.