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Crafty ways to avoid boredom during Christmas school break

By: Bonnie Davis Guy
Freelance Writer

It seems children from pre-k to teens not only look forward to Christmas Day but the break they get from their daily school routine. Christmas break is a wonderful thing as you get to sleep late, watch television, and forget about homework, but eventually the words “I’m bored” will sneak into your home. It’s inevitable and up to Mom and Dad to come up with something to do to add a little fun time into the day. Think about adding some good old-fashioned crafting into your Christmas break schedule. It will keep the kids from being bored and you just might find yourself creating some special holiday memories along the way.
Craft ideas can be as simple as buying a pack of foam ornaments you make yourself from Walmart or Michaels. Children can make these mostly on their own. They are inexpensive and can then be displayed.  One idea is to place a premade bow or star midway up a wall and then place lengths of shiny red or green garland on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.  Cut garland into strands starting small just below the topper and increase the size to large to be placed near the very bottom of your tree. Attach the garland with small thumbtacks. Have the kids tie their ornaments and favorite Christmas cards onto their garland tree.
Need a wreath? Consider making one from trash bags. You will need a few items that include one wire coat hanger, a pair of good scissors, five to six thick white trash bags, decorations or ornaments of your choice, along with ribbons and bows. Trash bags that are thick or heavy-duty equals fluffy. Begin by cutting the string or seam from the top of the trash bags. Then split the seams of the bags so it will lay flat.  Then cut the bags into strips approximately six inches long by two inches wide. There is no need to be precise as you can just eyeball it. Next, bend your coat hanger into the shape of a wreath, leaving the hanger part in tact to hang the finished wreath. Tie the strips onto the wire making knots. As the wreath becomes full, just push the knots together as tight as they can go. The more you add, the better and fluffier the wreath will look. The final step is to glue or wire on ribbon, bows, and any other decorations you desire.
Making handmade Christmas gifts and cards can also be a fun activity for the whole family. One very simple gift idea is a no sew fleece scarf. Simply purchase two sided fleece material. You will need one and one-half yards for a youth sized scarf and one and three-quarter yards for an adult scarf. The first step one is to cut the fleece fabric. Youth scarf size will need to be cut into four and a half inches wide by 48 and half inches long.

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