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County votes to honor 1958 bridge agreement

By: Bonnie Davis Guy
Freelance Writer

The January 21st Johnson County Commission meeting came to order with all commissioners in attendance. Prior to working through January’s agenda, the commissioners were addressed by county resident, Perriann Cress Stanley. Representing the Cress family, she presented information regarding the family bridge located off Big Dry Run Road. At last month’s meeting Commissioner Jerry Grindstaff brought attention to the problem when the bridge was replaced by a four-foot tile in 2012. Since then, the property has flooded on numerous occasions and the driveway has had to be replaced twice.
Stanley was very concerned that Commissioner Grindstaff had stated the family would be willing to pay for a larger replacement tile if the county did the installation work. Stanley adamantly denied any agreement to purchase a larger tile.
“I believe my aunt may have inquired about the price of a larger tile but had no intention of purchasing it,” she said.
After providing a detailed history of this particular property and bridge, Stanley said the family would like to either see a larger tile put in place or the bridge itself rebuilt. According to Stanley, an agreement was made in1958 between the road commissioner and Stanley’s grandfather to move the property line to accommodate the building of a new road. The agreement included maintaining the bridge connecting the property to the road. When the bridge fell into disrepair in 2012, the county tore it down and installed a small tile, inadvertently creating a flooding problem. Because the original bridge was much larger than the tile in place now, the tile is not located within the county right-of-way. However, because the original bridge was well inside the right-of-way, the commission concluded the county is responsible for the tile.  Commissioner Huey Long made a motion to honor the 1958 county agreement to maintain the bridge and to accomplish this by replacing the small tile with a larger one that can accommodate the flow of the creek.  The motion was quickly seconded and passed unanimously.

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