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County to add photos to 911 maps to enhance public safety

The Johnson County Emergency Communications District (ECD) announced today that their team is in the process of taking pictures of every structure in the county with a physical address. These photos will be added to the 911 mapping system and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system.
Johnson County ECD Director Eugene Campbell noted that these pictures will enhance the information available to emergency responders.
“Now, we’ll know how tall the building is, how far off the street it is, if there are multiple buildings associated with a single address,” Campbell said. “In an emergency, seconds count. The more information we have about where an emergency is happening, the better we can coordinate the response.
Campbell said the photographing will be going on through the end of this year.
“We’ll be taking pictures throughout the remainder of this year,” Campbell said. “As we gather this information, we’ll be integrating it into our system.”
The staff, including Campbell, Assistant Director Michelle Arney, and Angel Snyder will be out in the community taking the photographs.
“The more accurate and detailed information we have, the better our maps,” said Campbell. “We’ve got to have good, reliable maps in order for 911 to work at its best.”