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County roads top commission meeting

By: Bonnie Davis Guy
Freelance Writer

The February Johnson County Commission Meeting began with all county commissioners in attendance as well as Mayor Larry Potter, the county attorney and county court clerk.  Beside those participating in the commissioners meeting and a couple of department supervisors, the audience was otherwise empty. Once the call to order was made and with no public comments to address the commission, it was announced the commissioners had been requested to go into executive session by the county attorney. Some 40 minutes later, the commissioners returned and continued to quickly move through the agenda with the acceptance of January’s minutes.
Committee reports were next on the agenda. Commissioner Jerry Grindstaff addressed the audience on behalf of the planning commission. He stated that Roy Widener Road had been taken off the list of county roads in 2005. Since that time it had received no attention or repair.
“There are approximately five property owners living directly on this road and all have expressed that they would like to be placed back on the books,” he said.
According to Grindstaff, there is no clear reason why the road was removed from the list in the first place. It appears to have been done as an oversight or error. Perry Stout, county attorney, said he had performed a title search and that some 12 properties were involved in having frontage or homes along this road. Per county policy, all involved would have to sign an affidavit stating that as involved parties, they would like to be back on the county road list. The signing of this affidavit must be in place before the road can be placed back on the books.
Additionally, Road Superintendent Daryl Reece would have to agree that the road met the standards for equipment to operate on.  He informed the commissioners that the road was in rough shape. As it is now, there is no way a snow removal truck could make the turn at the end. The turnaround would have to be widened before the county could take reasonable care of the road. After all the facts had been discussed, the commission voted that pending the stipulation of the affidavit being signed and agreements to allow the turn around to be widened, Roy Widener Road can once again be listed as a Johnson County road.

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