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County remembers fallen soldiers on Memorial Day

By Lindsey Campbell
On Monday, people dressed in their reds, whites, and blues gathered at Ralph Stout Park to honor the brave men and women who fought for the freedom our country enjoys today.
Master of Ceremonies Richard Dionne, who served in the Air Force, opened the ceremony by offering remembrance to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
“We must give thanks to Divine Providence for safeguarding this land of liberty as validation that those who perished in this defense did not die in vain,” Dionne said in his opening comments.
Following the presentation of colors and an opening prayer, several guest speakers offered their thanks to the veterans and their families. Among the speakers were City Mayor Lawrence Keeble, County Mayor Larry Potter, and Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey.
Keeble asked every veteran who was in the audience to stand. Others in the audience shook the hand of a veteran near them and thanked them for their service.
Ramsey reminded the audience that Memorial Day is not just the first day of summer, but also a day to take some time to remember why we celebrate this and how important it is to “remember those veterans who served not just in wars, but in peace times as well.”
Ramsey also said that there is a reason Tennessee is called the Volunteer state.
“Of the 435 Congressional districts in the whole United States of America, there are more veterans in the first district that we live in here in the state of Tennessee than any other district in the United States,” Ramsey said.
Lindsey DeBord performed three songs to honor the occasion, one of which was “God Bless the USA.” As she sang the lyric “and I gladly stand up next to you,” the crowd responded by standing to honor the veterans who fought for our freedom.
Dionne said memorial ceremonies like this one are important to the community.
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