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County Passes 2022-2023 Budget

By Teresa Crowder
Freelance Writer

The Johnson County Government Budget for the 2022 -2023 year was officially passed on Monday, June 27, 2022, with several new items to highlight.
Regarding revenue for the new fiscal year, the tax rate is at $1.81. It reflects an increase of $873.96 from the previous year. Also, with a one penny contribution from all, the end result will be at a 94 percent collection rate with a total of $35,005.79 realized for the following year.
Proposed property tax collection will contribute to the overall budget spread across the County General Fund, the General Capital Projects Fund, Debit Service Fund, and the General Purpose School Fund.
Other sources of revenue come from payments in lieu of taxes, local option sales tax, increases to hotel/motel taxes, solid waste tipping fees, American Rescue Funds, and BEP funds, which all are deposited into the appropriate area the money is designated for in the county.
Expenditures from the County General Fund are as follows;
•State mandated 5 percent official’s salary increase $50,036.00 (includes benefits)
•Salary adjustments and increases $294,162.00 (includes benefits)
•$100,000.00 – 2 elections (county general and federal mid-term)
•School Resource Officer – $43,530.00 (includes benefits)
•50 percent Tourism/Marketing Social Media Specialist – $16,895.00 (includes benefits) (funded with increase in hotel/motel tax)
•E-911 $5,000.00 annual increase
•Agriculture Extension increase $22,182.00
•3.75% mid-year health insurance increase $21,600.00
•General liability renewal increase: $17,624.00
•Contribution to the proposed regional drug rehabilitation center: $50,000.00
(using OPIOID settlement funds)
The General Purpose School Fund will have expenditures such as a $2,000 salary increase for certified personnel and $2.00 per hour salary increases for non-certified personnel. Salary expenditures include a counselor/social worker and a school-level bookkeeper. Other expenses reflect payment to the Connections Academy, a three percent mid-year health insurance increase, and a 1.61 percent decrease in certified personnel TCRS rates.
Expenditures from the American Rescue Plan Funds are as follows;
•Provide premium pay to essential workers
o $2,000.00 pandemic bonus to 130 county employee positions
o $1,000.00 late fall 2022 and $1,000 early spring 2023
o Total of $4,000.00 per full-time employee over two-year period
o Total $266,000.00
•Support the public health response
o $100,000.00 – 2 police interceptors @ $50,000 each
o $ 75,000.00 – Johnson County EMS (purchase of medical and PPE supplies)
o $ 80,000.00 – Volunteer fire departments ($10,000.00 per department)
o $ 50,000.00 – Building modifications health department
o $750,000.00 – Solid Waste transfer station renovations/expansion
o $120,000.00 – Road infrastructure improvements
•Support of small businesses
o $184,000.00 – seed funds for the construction of meat processing facility
•Investment in water and sewer infrastructure improvements
o $500,000.00 – Broadband internet connectivity (Skybest Communications)
o $150,000.00 – Cold Springs Utility (replacement of aging equipment)
o $ 75,000.00 – Carderview Utility (increase to water flow/capacity)
•Replacement of revenue loss due to economic conditions caused by the COVID pandemic
o $257,875.00 to County General Fund
•$364,800.00 – unallocated
Finally, the fund balance usage from the county general fund is as follows;
o $257,875.00 – ARPA funds (revenue loss)
o $524,986.00 – OPIOID settlement funds (fund balance)
o $511,080.00 – OPIOID settlement funds remaining in fund balance
The construction of the yearly balanced budget for
the Johnson County Government depends on the professional contribution of
all elected government officials. For more information, contact your local Johnson County government representative.