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County denies Sunday alcohol sales

By Meg Dickens

The Johnson County Commissioners’ meeting drew in a crowd on Thursday, October 17, to dispute a controversial issue on the agenda. Pastors lined the courtroom, and Southside Freewill Baptist Church pastor Berrey Dunn signed up to address the commissioners. All
of this is because of the Johnson County Beer
Board update and vote for county alcohol sales on Sundays. If passed, county businesses could sell alcohol from 12:01 PM until closing time.
Dunn chose to wait for the Beer Board update topic on the referendum to plead his case. District 1 Commissioner Bill Adams reported that the Johnson County Beer Board met on October 7
and would like to match the city’s decision on Sunday sales. The chairman gave the floor to Dunn, who immediately launched into his speech, condemning the motion.
“As far as the county’s
voting on sales on Sunday, this is the Lord’s day. I
think you need to consider that. There is a large
payment that is going to happen with this,” said Pastor Dunn. “A lot of families are going to be destroyed, a lot of people are going to
be killed, and a lot of stuff
is going to happen. You
need to consider this as you vote.”
Dunn’s appeal reached the commissioners. Out of those present, only Adams and 1 other commissioner voted to pass the motion. The motion failed 10 to 2. After Dunn finished, the pastors let out a hearty amen.
“I’m not against anybody. Don’t think I’m your enemy because I’m not. I am against it,” said Pastor Dunn in his closing statement. “It’s evil, and it hurts people. It’s bad. I want to ask you to do the right thing and vote this down.”
When asked for a comment, Mayor Mike Taylor said, “I am thankful to live in a Country where our elected officials come together and vote on such matters. Our County Commission voted in a majority not to allow Sunday beer sales, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.”