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County Commission meeting for Nov. is business as usual

The agenda was short and concise for the November meeting of Johnson County’s commissioners held in the upper court room of the county courthouse. Commissioner Freddy Phipps called the meeting to order with all commissioners present.
Commissioner Jerry Grindstaff, a member of the Planning Committee, informed the commissioners and others in attendance at the meeting that the Planning Committee is working on preparing an amendment to subdivision regulations. Grindstaff added a public meeting will be scheduled once this is complete. Five notaries were approved by the commissioners, as well as the approval of a $10,000 bond for a deputy sheriff.
Mayor Potter addressed the commissioners asking for their consent requesting that all county employees supply receipts with their expense reports, following Tennessee state guidelines. According to Potter, employees receive a total of $39 per day in meal compensation for overnight travel, with $7 being allocated for breakfast, $11 for lunch, $18 for dinner and tips of $3. Additionally, the state reimburses employees for travel at the rate of 46 cents per mile. The motion was approved. Potter asked the commissioners to approve an increase of 27 cents per premium, per employee on life insurance for county employees. The motion was passed.
Potter asked permission from the commissioners to negotiate monthly rent and sign a rental agreement for a local business owner who is planning on moving to a different facility as they need more space within the county. The motion was approved. Potter also spoke to the commissioners about looking into the possibility of managed ATV trails on Doe Mountain, utilizing what Johnson County already has to offer and possibly bringing revenue into the county. The commissioners gave their approval for Potter to investigate the prospect of developing ATV trails.
Grindstaff addressed the board in reference to a motion made in a previous meeting whereby commissioners must stand to either make a motion or second it. Grindstaff did research on Robert’s Rules of Order, a guide to running meetings, and informed the commissioners his research suggests that they were not required to stand when making a motion. Following a motion made by Grindstaff that commissioners could choose to either stand or remain seated when making a motion, the motion was passed twelve to two.
County Attorney Bill Cockett addressed the concerns of Road Superintendent Tony Jennings from the October 2010 commissioners meeting. Cockett read the draft of a resolution that gave Jennings the authority to remove dirt, along with stumps, rocks and other debris, and dispose of without benefiting any individuals. This resolution will allow Jennings to basically continue disposing of ditching dirt in the manner he has been following. A motion to adopt the resolution was made by Commissioner Snyder and was approved.
Commissioner Jack Profitt asked Attorney Cockett to address the fact that it is illegal to train rabbit dogs at night. According to Cockett, training rabbit dogs at night became illegal by a proclamation from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). Cockett advised that he could contact TWRA and ask for another proclamation making training of rabbit dogs at night legal. Commissioner Profitt made the motion for Cockett to follow through with this request, seconded by Commissioner Dunn. The motion was approved.
Commissioner Dean Stout made a motion to adjourn the meting at 7:50 p.m.