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Counterfeit bills circulating

Local merchants should be on the lookout for counterfeit $20 and $100 bills, which are in circulation in Johnson County, said Mountain City Police.
“We can confirm that counterfeit bills have shown up in our community,” Mountain City Police Chief Denver Church. “We do have some leads and as time goes by we’re making progress.”
Merchants are encouraged to use counterfeit bill makers on all large bills and any bill that raises concern.
Unfortunately, when a business discovers counterfeit money in its system, it’s turned over to authorities and rarely is it reimbursed to the business, depending on legal action.
Authentic U.S. currency has a number of security features that counterfeiters are unable to reproduce, including color-shifting ink, embedded security strips, blue and red flecks in the currency's grain, and watermarks. Even people with training might not be able to detect these features with the naked eye.
Using counterfeit bills is a federal offense. The U.S. Secret Service maintains a website to help consumers identify problems with money at