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Council focuses on city amenities

By Meg Dickens
Freelance Writer

Cunningham Park and the surrounding area are historically a place where little activity happened. The playground equipment aged to the point where it became a safety concern. The public pool located directly by it shut down years ago because of its condition. Now, concerned parties are working hard to improve these details and more to better serve the public.

Public Pool
Town citizens have been pushing for the pool to reopen for the last few years. Electrical problems in the facility and leaks in it were the main reasons the city paused use. Now the electrical problems have reportedly been fixed, and work towards the original leaks, replacing lights, and
miscellaneous is in
Earlier this year, City Mayor Jerry Jordan
pledged that the city was trying for a Memorial Day weekend reopening. At the April 5 City Council meeting, members confirmed they still plan to do so and allowed pool party bookings to begin. An official quote
out of Jonesborough has been put in for approximately $9,364.61, which Hometown Service Coalition (HSC) reportedly “may be able to come up with some help.”
“I think we need to make it a commitment,” Jordan reminded the Council. “People are wanting the pool open. I think we need to open it for the sake of the people.”

The area between Cunningham Park and the Johnson County Senior Center is separated by a fence put up in honor of departed community staple Danny Herman. Now, the local Girl Scouts troop hopes to beautify this fence through a mural art project to improve the look and help the scouts earn badges, the bronze or silver badge, depending on the child’s age.
Scout Leader Bethany Andersen confirms that the troops have reached out
to each group connected
with the fence for permission, including the Herman family, the community
center, and the Center for
the Arts. The last step is
gaining permission through the local Masonic Lodge, which technically owns the property where the city-owned fence sits. Andersen reports the children are currently writing letters to appeal to the group, and the city has agreed to allow the project under the condition the masons approve. This project must be removable to allow maintenance to the fence, as the city has already been forced to replace several fence
pieces due to damage from drivers parking in the adjacent lot.
“I think it’s a good project,” Jordan agreed during the original proposal. “We’ll endorse it.”

Park use
Most people are aware of the work done by HSC to refurbish the dilapidated tennis courts into functioning pickleball courts and the replacement of the ancient playground equipment that had safety risks. The city
reports that HSC has officially turned these updated pieces over to it as of this month.
Recently, the city has agreed to allow groups
associated with the senior center to turn what was originally meant to be
a shuffleboard playing
area into more pickleball courts because of the
high demand and the
uneven ground making
shuffleboard a bad fit. Those involved are working to get the details in writing to confirm it has all protections needed.
The Mountain City Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month at City Hall at 6:30 pm. For more information on the Town of Mountain City and its inner workings, visit