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Copperhead Road Run to benefit cancer support group

On May 22, a news crew from WBIR came to Johnson County. They interviewed Tony Jennings about the Copperhead Road signs, filmed the Masonic Lodge Building and took a trip with Sheriff Mike and Temple Reece out to Dry Run’s Copperhead Road.
The story was about Steve Earle’s Copperhead Road video about the story of three generations of the same family; two bootleggers, and one who turned to a different illegal activity. Even to this day there is an ongoing fan base battle over the possible real-life setting of the song.
The song references Knoxville and the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department as well as the infamous Copperhead Road. Sheriff Mike Reece said, “I don’t know of another Copperhead Road – there could be one somewhere, but this is our Copperhead Road.”
The story aired on WBIR, May 23rd and can be viewed on their website.
Sheriff Reece said when WBIR reporters called him about doing the story he thought it was ironic. He told them, ”My wife is planning a run on Copperhead Road for June 2nd. Temple does something to help the Johnson County Cancer support Group when she can and this year she wanted to do something in memory of her dad and something to celebrate our county and heritage. She has interviewed people about Copperhead Road and moonshine making and marijuana and has enjoyed talking to people and learning more about our history. She has always like the Copperhead Road song and thinks walking there would be fun.”
The Copperhead Road Run is scheduled for June 2, 2012 at 2:00. Those participating should meet at the old Dry Run School at 1:45. The walk will be one way on the road which is two miles. Final Touch Frames and Trophies made t-shirts for all participants with all the sponsors’ names on the back. Each participant will also receive a medal. Logan Vincent, Johnson County Community Foundation talent show winner, will be performing Copperhead Road and the National Anthem. Asa Lewis will be leading the pledge to the American flag and local friends will be walking or running to raise money for this need in our community.