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Continued local support needed

By Tamas Mondovics

While small in numbers, the Johnson County Humane Society has served the county well this past year and three major areas.
First on the list, by the numbers is the organization’s spay and neuter program that served 299 animals, 129 dogs, and 170 cats.
Since 2001, the Johnson County Humane Society has neutered 6428 animals, 3110 dogs, and 3318 cats at the cost of $293,565.
The organization also reported that its third annual shot-day program inoculated 250 dogs with rabies and disease preventive vaccines at no cost to county residents. We also donated 55 disease preventive vaccines to the Mountain City animal control facility.
Third, the organization has micro chipped 14 animals, at cost, to eight owners in the event Pats or lost or stolen.
“We will continue our current spay and neuter program this year, with society funds as well as grants from the state and county community fund,” said Johnson County Humane Society Board of Directors Chairman, Richard Dione. “Our spay and neuter chairperson, Joyce Gryder and grant manager Annette Sepaga have managed the programs in an excellent manner.
The society also emphasized that its rabies disease protection program for dogs is so popular in the community, it is planning on hosting the event again next year, and it also plan a cat protection program for the coming fiscal year.
“Our animal protection program is managed by chairperson Nella Dione and her great staff of volunteers,” he said.
Dione added that aluminum can sales totaled $1025.25 this past year and wanted to thank everyone who contributed their cans to the society at its container drop points located at Food Country and Food Lion stores.
“Please continue your support as all proceeds are used to help finance the programs noted above,” Dione said. “Much appreciation to Terry Wintroub for his dedicated efforts managing this program.”
The Johnson County Humane Society board again wants to thank all society members, volunteers, and friends who have contributed their time, talent, energy, and money to the organization’s various activities.
Pet owners, animal lovers, or a concerned citizen who would like to see the programs mentioned above continued or expanded, are asked to join by calling
727–4665 for society information or check the website at