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Complaint filed asking for new election in county

By Paula Walter
Jessica L. Fallin has filed a complaint in the Chancery Court of Johnson County against the following defendants: Mike Long, administrator of the Johnson County Election Commission; Cheri Lipford, deputy; members of the Johnson County Election Commission: Michael L. Pleasant, Charles McQueen, Eric Taylor, Terry Thompson, Mike J. Fritts; as well as the machine technicians that include John Holloway, Brad Reece, Angie Stout, Rob Southerland and Dr. Brenda Dishman Eggers. Each defendant named in the complaint has to be served and they then have 30 days in which to answer. “No comment,” said Mike Long. “Our Tennessee election laws and our records and returns will speak for themselves.”
According to Fallin, there were voters who expressed concern after the election. Petitions were placed in a few locations around the county, but Fallin explained there were no set number of signatures needed in order for a complaint to be filed against the Johnson County Election Commission. At this time, Fallin believes she has approximately 500 signatures and states there are Johnson Countians around the county with packets who are obtaining more signatures, adding to the list of those who have previously signed. “It’s kind of a county wide thing,” she said. At this time, Fallin is currently representing herself.

The following is the complaint filed:
As a “Treasurer of the campaign for H. Randolph Fallin for General Session’s Judge”, I hereby file this, my sworn Complaint, and in support thereof respectfully show as follows:
1. The election was held on August 07, 2014. “certification” of the results was to have been, and is believed to have been, completed on Monday, August 18, 2014; however, no copies verifying said “certification” has yet been received as requested. The Rules provide, among other things, that my Complaint shall be filed within five (5) days of said “certification”, being on or before August 23, 2014. Therefore, my Complaint is timely filed.
2. Pursuant to the Rules of “Intent of Regulations” contained in Chapter 1360-2-18 of the Rules of Secretary of State, State Coordinator of Elections, “it is the intent of these regulations to provide” that “…the freedom and purity of the ballot is safeguarded; further, that “…each voter’s vote will be accurately and honestly counted”; and, that “the total of votes cast will accurately reflect the will of the voters participating in any given election”. In that regard, I hereby voice my complaint(s):
(a) The Rules and Regulations provide that for the purpose of early voting, the office shall remain open for a period of three (3) hours per day in Counties with a population of 150,000 or less. Johnson County, Tennessee consists of a population of approximately 17,977 as of 2013.Therefore, the County Election Commission is in violation of: T.C.A. 2-6-103 (b) The Rules and Regulations provide that voters “60 years of age or older, disabled voters and caretakers of such persons may vote by mail” stating “call the Election Commission Office … or email us at… to request an application to vote by mail in Johnson County, Tennessee…”. I have personal knowledge of at least one occasion that a request was DENIED.
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