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Community mourns Deputy Farley

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Lee “Bump” Farley, 33, was a well-known figure in the Johnson County community, renowned for his kind, positive attitude and ever-present smile. Many people may recognize him for his work as Deputy Sheriff or Deputy Bailiff.
People from all around the community took to social media to mourn him after his passing on December 26. His most recent employer, Assessor of Properties Matthew Lewis, presented a plaque to Farley’s widow, Megan, in remembrance of him and his service.

Farley served this community since he was a teen, according to Megan. During his life, Farley also served as a firefighter, high school teacher, and EMT. He made many friends along the way. As one well-wisher put it, “no one spread more love in one lifetime.” His fire station spoke out to pass on its well wishes to the family.

“It is with greatest sympathy that we remember Lee Farley today,” the Second District Volunteer Fire Department announced. “Last night, we lost a brother, and we ask that you keep his family and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers. Support member Lee Farley, Bumper, brother, friend.”

Farley was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Cancer in November, and the family reached out for financial support for his treatments. The public raised nearly $5,000 on his Go Fund Me page, Stand By Lee. Any leftover funds reportedly went towards memorial costs. Megan posted updates to social media so his friends and family could more easily stay informed.

“There is so much that I want to say and do, but I can’t find the words,” Megan Farley told donors. “Honestly, I don’t think that I ever will. Lee would want me to thank everyone that called, texted, came by, and sent their love and prayers up for us. He isn’t hurting anymore and is having a grand homecoming with all of our loved ones that have gone before us.”