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Clarification to Lassiter lawsuit

Tammy Lassiter’s attorney, Perry Stout, says there are discrepancies in last week’s story in The Tomahawk as well as other news media concerning his client’s case against the county. Stout says the lawsuit stems exclusively from the October 2010 drug charges against Lassiter and does not involve any of the other charges placed at that time. As stated in the article, all charges were dropped on May 19, 2011.
Stout says he is not aware of any ongoing investigation by the District Attorney’s office involving Lassiter. The investigation referred to was headed by then Assistant District Attorney Kent Garland and was before the charges were dropped. According to Stout, Judge Robert Cupp’s denial to the district attorney’s request to drop the charges to avoid being sued was actually in reference to the charges against Johnson County Constable Benny J. Cornell. Cupp said he saw no connection in the two cases.
Stout denies that the two ever shared a home.
Finally, the January 6th hearing to set a trial date is again referring to Cornell’s case. Stout says Lassiter’s lawsuit trial date will not be set for months to come.