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City’s growing repairs, upgrades wish list gets spotlight

By Meg Dickens
Freelance Writer

The Town of Mountain City has been working on a series of repairs and upgrades over the last few years. The metaphorical wish list is growing, and now officials are taking steps to check off some of these projects with the help and support of local entities. Long discussed issues might finally get a spotlight.
One of the most known projects
is the Mountain City Pool, which has been closed the past two summers thanks to a series of issues needing updates or repairs.
City officials reported back on the repair progress during the most recent council meeting. The electrical work was in progress this September but hit a snag waiting on parts. According to City Mayor Jerry Jordan, workers should be at the pool this week to work on the leak issue. During recent assessments, technicians found two damaged jets.
Children constantly walk over to the Johnson County/Mountain City Community Center from the high school and middle school once classes adjourn for the day. School Resource Officer (SRO) Mark Gladden approached Alderman Dustin Shearin about installing a crosswalk to increase child safety when crossing the road for this purpose. As recently as this past week, students related stories of near-accidents in this specific intersection. According to Jordan, this item has already been brought up to the council as part of the Hometown Service Coalition’s (HSC) wanted projects.
The city agreed to fund this project unanimously but has not set a date for installation yet.
Another project involving HSC is the Cunningham Park playground repairs and historical tree preservation. As part of one of its first
fundraisers, HSC raised
money to replace damaged 1980s-era equipment in the park. Not only was the
equipment outdated, but
part of it sustained heavy damage when a limb from the tree above fell. HSC Vice President J.C. Lowe reports that new equipment has been purchased and awaits installation. The Mountain City Council and Lowe acknowledged that this new equipment would have to be moved from under the tree’s branches for safety reasons. Officials are also looking into ways to preserve the tree and had an assessment done this past month.
The Mountain City Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm. These meetings are a
matter of public record. Anyone can attend, and
recordings are available upon request. For more information, contact City Hall at (423) 727-8005.